Stage 5 - Science

Course Description

The study of science provides opportunities for students to develop the skills of working scientifically by engaging them in thinking critically and creatively in problem-solving processes. Students work individually and in teams in planning and conducting investigations.

They are encouraged to critically analyse data and information, evaluate issues and problems, develop questions for inquiry and investigation, and draw evidence-based conclusions. Students are called on to apply and communicate their findings, understanding and viewpoints in a scientifically literate way when making decisions about the environment, the natural and technological world.

Course structure

Students will:

  • Acquire scientific knowledge and skills and develop understanding about phenomena within and beyond their experience;
  • Develop an appreciation of science as a human activity and apply their understanding to their everyday life;
  • Develop positive values about and attitudes towards themselves, others, lifelong learning, science and the environment.

Assessment summary

Teachers of Science will provide students with opportunities in the context of everyday classroom activities, as well as planned assessment events, to demonstrate their learning.