iPhone/iPad WiFi Connection Guide

iPhone 5 and newer have the capability to connect to the School's WiFi network.

Step 1

Tap the Settings icon.

Step 2

Click Wi-Fi

Step 3

Join either the 'detnsw' or 'nswdet' network

Step 4

Enter your school username (followed by @detnsw)
Enter your password then click Join

Step 5

Click Accept on the security certificate

Step 6

Browse to detnsw.net

Log in again using your school username (followed
@detnsw) and your password 

If your internet stops working but the WiFi is still connected, check that you are still logged in at detnsw.net

See Mr Steedman in A12 at recess or lunch if you are still having trouble connecting

Mr Steedman, Mr Ivett, Ms Spilstead and Ms Eaton can all reset passwords if necessary